Global Food Challenge: A cross-curricular resource to teach 11-14 year olds about global food issues

Publication date

20 Sep 2018

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Global food issues are complex. While supplies have surpassed population growth, 821 million people still go to bed hungry every night.

This resource will help learners aged 11-14 to understand how global supply chains currently work; where our food comes from, and some of the challenges facing the small-scale farmers who produce it. Learners can also explore how to advocate for a fairer and more sustainable global food system.

  • Use a quiz and infographic to learn about global food issues
  • Analyse country data
  • Develop questioning skills
  • Investigate the contents of a supermarket bag
  • Explore images of farming around the world
  • Discover the challenges for small-scale farmers in Malawi
  • Read case studies about how small-scale farmers are adapting
  • Use a reading mystery to make connections along the strawberry supply chain from Morocco to the UK
  • Use a simulation game to understand the global food system
  • Take action for a fairer food system

Also available for 7-11 years old.

These materials draw on ideas, content and activities from previous Oxfam education resources on food and farming. The previous materials have now been archived and removed from the Oxfam education website. Please get in touch if you are looking for a specific Oxfam resource and are no longer able to find it: