Gender Equality and Men: Learning from Practice

Publication date

01 Jun 2004



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In international debates on gender equality there is a growing emphasis on men, not only as holders of privileges or as perpetrators of violence, but also as potential and actual contributors to gender equality. The conclusions of the 48th session of the UN commission on the Status of Women in 2004 urged key stakeholders (including governments, UN organisations, and civil society) to promote action at all levels in fields such as education, health services, training, media, and the workplace to increase the contribution of men and boys to furthering gender equality. Based on examples of interventions in five fields (reproductive and sexual health, fatherhood, gender-based violence, livelihoods, and work with young men) from a range of countries, 'Gender, Equality and Men' aims to provide a critical account of practical experience of work with men for gender equality and to share knowledge and expertise gained from programmes run by Oxfam GB and other organisations. Contributors to this book are development practitioners from both the global South and North, and there are also contributions from consultants and researchers.