Food Crisis in the Sahel: Five steps to break the hunger cycle in 2012

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09 Apr 2012

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The first warnings of drought and poor harvests in Africa's Sahel region emerged in late 2011, and vulnerable communities in many areas have been threatened by a looming food crisis. That crisis is now a reality, with 18.4 million people in nine countries vulnerable to its impact. Food stocks have already run out for some communities and are running dangerously low for others. Support to protect lives and livelihoods is urgently needed before the crisis becomes an emergency. Oxfam, ROPPA, RBM, APESS, POSCAO and WiLDAF are calling on donors, national governments, regional organizations, NGOs and UN agencies to fund support, target and coordinate effective assistance to the most vulnerable people, support regional markets, and invest in long-term resilience the break the hunger cycle. This paper was first published in April 2012 and updated in May 2012.