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Five Critical Factors for Working Well in Partnerships

Five Critical Factors for Working Well in Partnerships
8 pages

Kumar Bakshi, Ashish

Lejeune, Audrey

Publication date
31 May 2016


Oxfam GB

Partnering for Impact

Case study

What are the critical factors in managing a good partnership? My experience coordinating the REE-CALL (Resilience through Economic Empowerment, Climate Change Adaptation, Leadership and Learning) programme in Bangladesh over the past five years has taught me that no matter how big the programme, or how complex, success depends on five critical factors.

Partnering for Impact series

To do the work it does, Oxfam works closely with partners at all stages of the programme, in all kind of contexts: humanitarian, influencing, development, etc. But what does it mean for our staff? Each day brings new challenges and opportunities, so how do they do it? Following a reflective and productive writeshop,[i] this Partnering for Impact series was developed to share and explore learning from experienced practitioners about what it takes to ‘work well in partnership’.