Fisherwomen's Cooperative in Odisha Promotes Transformative Leadership of Women's Rights

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30 Jul 2016

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Oxfam India is part of a global movement working to fight  poverty, injustice and inequality. In India, it works in six  states. Oxfam India's programme on Gender Justice aims to  address the deeply entrenched gender-biased social norms that  are responsible for the poor status of women and girls in the  society. Oxfam India's effort to address violence against women  and girls is well recognised in its current strategy period of  2016-2020. Now it has been aligned with Oxfam's international  strategic plan 2013-19 for which advancing gender justice is  a core 'Change Goal'. Promoting transformative leadership for  women's rights (TLWR) is the central objective of this change  goal. This is seen as a strategy to addresses the root causes  of gender inequality. Oxfam India is focusing on TLWR as an  approach to gender mainstreaming.

Samudram, a cooperative  turned producer company, supported by Oxfam India and United  Artists Association (UAA) can be seen through the TLWR lens for  the changes that it has brought about in the lives of women both  at home and in the community.