Finance for Development: What's at stake?

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10 Jul 2015


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Government leaders, ministers and representatives gather in Addis Ababa in July 2015 for the third UN Financing for Development Conference. The meeting will set out how the global community will raise the money needed to finance the Sustainable Development Goals – a set of universal global goals for eradicating poverty and protecting the planet which are due to be agreed in New York in September.

The potential for Addis is huge. It could help release billions of dollars to build a fairer, more prosperous and safer world for us all. It will also set the bar for success at the Sustainable Development Goals Summit and the Climate Change Conference in Paris at the end of 2015. This briefing describes what’s at stake for the UN’s financing for development process to establish the systems and mechanisms through which the global community will finance poverty eradication and sustainable development – whether through aid, tax, debt relief, private investments or other innovative means.