Final Evaluation of the Unwrapped Project in the Lakes State, Sudan

Publication date

01 Apr 2008

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The Unwrapped Project was a livelihoods promotion initiative focusing on providing veterinary services, restocking vulnerable women headed households, promoting ox-plough farming technology, and promoting honey production in traditional beekeeping communities. The project started in May 2005. This Unwrapped Project ran from 1st May 2007 until 30th April 2008. It aimed to contribute towards building sustainable and sufficient livelihoods in the counties of Rumbek East, Rumbek North, Rumbek Central, Cueibet and Wullu in Lakes State of Southern Sudan by improving access to food and income. The object of the final evaluation was to gauge the achievements of the Unwrapped Project against its set objectives and its overall impact; to document lessons learnt and best practices; and to make recommendations for future projects.