Feminist Scorecard 2019: Tracking Welsh government action to advance women’s rights and gender equality

Publication date

13 Apr 2019


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The barriers that women face, and the opportunities they lack, stem from complex and long-entrenched systems of inequality and discrimination. The Welsh government has made some strides to becoming a feminist government and a feminist nation. But despite robust legislation and good intentions to advance gender equality, there has often been a lack of funding, a lack of strategy, and lack of a sense of urgency to see them through.

This feminist scorecard shows what could be done now to move Wales forward on its path to equality – on the gender pay gap, taxes and 50:50 representation and other areas. Oxfam Cymru and Women’s Equality Network (WEN) Wales call on the Welsh government to make bold decisions to make the funding available and put action in place so we not only have a feminist government but a feminist Wales.