Exploring the Links Between International Business and Poverty Reduction: Bouquets and beans from Kenya

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14 May 2013

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Oxfam believes that companies, with the right policies and practices, can be part of sustainable and inclusive development. However, they can also get it badly wrong and can inflict substantial damage on the environment and on the rights of workers, farmers, and communities. Oxfam has developed tools, including the Poverty Footprint methodology, to assist companies in better understanding their impacts.

This report looks at the influence of UK retailers and consumers on the produce export sector in Kenya. It is the result of a joint undertaking between Oxfam and International Procurement and Logistics Ltd., the biggest importer of fresh produce into the UK.

Download an accompanying case study: 
Women Producers of 'Bouquets and Beans' in Kenya: Exploring the links between international business and poverty reduction