Even It Up: A blueprint for change

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13 Jan 2016


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Oxfam's vision is of a world without poverty; Oxfam Cymru works with others to make this vision a reality here in Wales. But there is work to be done. Economic inequality and poverty blight this world and Wales is no exception, with women suffering the most. Meanwhile, climate change is playing havoc with the weather worldwide, destroying livelihoods, and the nation continues to undervalue its potential contribution to the refugee crisis.

In Wales, the wealthiest 16% of people have as much wealth as everyone else put together, while rates of pay have remained low and unchanged for the past decade. Even it up: A Blueprint for Change - published Wednesday 13 January - sets out Oxfam Cymru's policy calls that will help the next Welsh Government to even it up for the people of Wales, and become a world-leading exemplar for other governments to emulate.