Evaluation of the Oxfam Strategic Plan 2013–2019: Where Oxfam is adding value (or not)

Publication date

30 Jul 2019


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This report evaluates the Oxfam confederation's strategic plan for the years 2013–2019. The Strategic Plan was based on "change goals," the outcomes Oxfam aims to achieve with its work:  

  • The Right to be Heard
  • Gender Justice – Social Norms to Eliminate Violence Against Women and Girls/Gender-Based Violence
  • Sustainable Food
  • Financing for Development
  • Resilience (cross-cutting change goal)

These goals help Oxfam to communicate about its ability to contribute to change and the ways in which it adds value. 

The report also analyzes the success of Oxfam's approaches to achieving these goals, using case studies from programs around the world and interviews with staff. These approaches focus on how we can "win" against poverty. 

The documents on this page include the full Oxfam Strategic Plan evaluation report in English; executive summaries of the report in English, Spanish, French, and Arabic; and executive summaries of reports on the five change goals.