Evaluation of 'Stories of Change' Goat and Irrigation Projects in Malawi

Publication date

01 Apr 2009


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Part of the 2009 'Stories of Change' initiative to document and promote Oxfam's programme results more effectively, this evaluation focuses on Oxfam's livelihood rehabilitation programme in Malawi. The programme includes a goat distribution scheme (operational between 2005-2006 in the Thyolo district), and two irrigation schemes (constructed between 2005- 2007 in the Thyolo and Mulanje districts). Both of these interventions were designed and implemented with the intention of re-building more resilient livelihoods for local community members, following an acute food crisis in 2005. In February 2009, Oxfam carried out a mid-term evaluation of both interventions' progress to date, with the aims of learning about results, assessing sustainability, and exploring the potential for future scale-up. The evaluators found promising results which suggest that both projects are, in many respects, making good progress toward stated aims.