Evaluation of Pastoral Programme in Somaliland

Publication date

01 Mar 2007

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The Somaliland Pastoral Programme was initiated with the aim of strengthening pastoral organisations, before influencing institutions to be more responsive to pastoralist needs. Key activities included: establishment of 12 pastoral organizations, increased responsiveness of Government institutions to pastoralist needs, increased access to good quality primary health care, increased access to resources and alternative livelihoods, effective ought monitoring and preparedness, development of a suitable model for cross boarder operations, enhancement of the capacity of local implementing organizations, and effectiveness in management of the Somaliland programme The expected results were better integration of pastoralists into the political, social and economic systems at national and regional levels. This evaluation covers the first two years of the first phase of the 15 year programme (divided into three-year phases). The purpose of the review is to establish the impact of the programme, look into its approach, document lessons learnt, and provide the way forward.