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Empowering families as an alternative to foster care for street children in Brazil

Empowering families as an alternative to foster care for street children in Brazil
6 pages

Schwinger, Michael

Eade, Deborah
Development in Practice Volume 17 Issue 6 Violence, Fear and Development in Latin America

Publication date
01 Nov 2007


Oxfam GB

Journal article

Although the emphasis in current thinking about work with street children has changed from aid-dependency towards youth protagonism, many organisations ignore the role of the children's families in their interventions. In so doing, they reproduce obsolete welfare traditions and also violate rights guaranteed by the Convention on the Rights of the Child and national legislation. This article illustrates the importance of child-family ties for both children and families, and argues that interventions that lack the involvement of parents and families serve to reproduce images of failed families and inadequate mothers. The author presents an alternative approach from Brazil which respects the rights and needs of children and families through family empowerment.

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