Effectiveness Review: Evaluation of Oxfam's South Sudan Humanitarian Response

Publication date

26 Feb 2014

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This report presents the findings of an effectiveness review on Oxfam's response to the 2012/2013 conflict response in South Sudan that was undertaken through the application of Oxfam's Humanitarian Indicator Tool. Overall the response scored 58% and met or almost met five of the 11 standards. Although this is below the 60% cut-off point, the issues of funding and the constraints of working under difficult conditions need to be taken into account. Despite having measures in place, it was found that Oxfam was not prepared for an emergency as much as they should have been in a country known for conflict and weather-related emergencies. There were, however, genuine efforts to address community needs and to elicit feedback, which in turn led to changes in facility design. Measures to protect the community and to reduce conflict were in place as well as efforts to consult with women and address their needs.