Effective Consultancies in Development and Humanitarian Programmes

Publication date

01 Jul 2006



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This guide to good consultancy practice is unusual in two respects: its focus is consultancy work in the international development sector; and it describes the process from the perspectives of both clients and consultants, helping each side to understand what the other does. Using detailed checklists, the authors explain the stages of a typical consultancy, paying close attention to the practical, ethical, financial, and legal aspects of the process. Drawing on their own extensive experience and a wide-ranging survey of international NGOs and freelance consultants, they discuss how to develop more effective working relationships with all the relevant stakeholders, including donors, partners, programme managers, local staff, and local communities. They also show how development agencies can manage particular consultancies in order to promote long-term learning and thus improve the general quality of their programmes. As both managers and freelance consultants, John Rowley and Frances Rubin have worked for national and international NGOs, bilateral and multilateral agencies, and commercial companies in the UK, Latin America, Africa, and Asia.