Developing Rights: A resource for ages 11-14 exploring rights around the world

Publication date

28 Sep 2007


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Why are rights important? This resource will help your class to think about the place of rights in their own lives, and see how young people from around the world are claiming theirs.

Useful for exploring issues such as equality, the right to education, and the balance between rights and responsibilities, the activities also use case study material from South Africa, Lebanon, and Ethiopia.

  • Decide what rights you would set up on a new planet
  • Investigate different rights charters
  • Develop understanding that rights need to be safeguarded
  • Resolve conflicts between rights
  • Examine everyone's right to an equal, non-racist and non-sexist education
  • Appreciate what it is like to suffer discrimination
  • Explore how legal rights come into being
  • Consider what makes a "good" education
  • Plan and evaluate actions on rights issues

Owing to the publication date of this resource, some of the content (including statistics and links) may need updating.