Community Stories of Resilience Building in ASEAN: Strengthening community resilience through peer-to-peer learning

Publication date

11 Dec 2017

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Asia is vulnerable to more frequent and severe disasters due to the rapid rise of natural hazards, extreme weather events, and the impacts of climate change. ASEAN’s Declaration on Institutionalizing the Resilience of ASEAN and its Communities and Peoples to Disasters and Climate Change recognizes this, and its vision of resilience sets out to achieve ‘a more resilient future by reducing existing disaster and climate-related risks, preventing the generation of new risks, and adapting to a changing climate through the implementation of economic, social, cultural, physical, and environmental measures which address exposure and vulnerability, and thus strengthen resilience.’

The Strengthening Community Resilience through Peer-to-Peer Learning Project focused on communities and the actions that they are taking to enhance their resilience. The case studies presented here were gathered through four learning journeys that took place in the project’s focus countries: Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, and Viet Nam. Together, the studies comprise a set of community-led initiatives that, with ASEAN’s continued support, can enable the region to achieve its inclusive vision of resilience.