Climate Change: Stories of Witnesses

Publication date

30 Jun 2009



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This is the Russian part of an Oxfam International project called the Human Cost of Climate Change which consisted of a global report, case studies and a range of other tools to be used to build national campaigning capacity in different countries. The overall piece of work highlighted why Oxfam is working on climate change. Voices from all over the world are saying the same thing: climate change is happening now, and it kills. It destroys livelihoods and it affects millions of poor people with every year that passes. Our evidence is also backed up by the latest science, outlined in this report, where the worst-case scenarios are already being realised, making the case for why political inaction is not an option. Climate Change: Stories of Witnesses is comprised of articles written by Russian environmental journalists from 12 regions of Russia depicting the stories of real people providing evidence that climate change is here and now and already has an impact on the Russian territory. The report was developed in alliance with the Guild of Environmental Media, a non-for-profit organization uniting journalists from all over Russia. The articles are stories about people: ethnic Russians and indigenous people who are themselves giving evidence of impacts of climate change.