Citizens Wake Up: The Chukua Hatua (Take Action) programme in Tanzania

Publication date

30 May 2012

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Effective community participation in local governance in Tanzania is not an easy process. Power is centralized, and few people are prepared to speak out. That is why the Chukua Hatua (Take Action) programme is so exciting. This case study – one of a series of Programme Insights on Local Governance and Community Action – outlines pilots from the first phase of the project, tracking election promises and training farmer animators, active musicians, and student councils; and shows where and how they were successful and the challenges they faced. It also explains the plans for the next phase, in which Oxfam will work with local decision makers as well as local communities, integrating the most successful elements of the pilots. In this way, the programme will continue to build people’s capacity and skills so that they are truly able to become active citizens.