Building Trust in Diverse Teams: The toolkit for emergency response

Publication date

30 Nov 2007


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What is trust? Why is it important in emergency-response teams? Humanitarian practitioners identify trust as one of the most important factors in launching timely and effective emergency responses.

Building Trust in Diverse Teams can be used throughout the cycle of an emergency response and features a Trust Index, to assess and measure trust within diverse teams, and ten trust-building tools that can be selected based on the identified team needs. The tools are user-friendly with clear instructions and handouts to make preparation effortless. Additional informal trust-building activities are also included, together with the full text on CD-ROM (print copy only). The concepts and tools can also be applied to existing organisational strategies on leadership development and diversity.

Building Trust in Diverse Teams supports humanitarian practitioners, human-resource departments, and regional and head-office emergency professionals as they improve team effectiveness during an emergency and ultimately improve their ability to save lives. Building Trust in Diverse Teams was developed by the Emergency Capacity Building Project (ECB). The ECB is a collaborative effort by CARE International, Catholic Relief Services, the International Rescue Committee, Mercy Corps, Oxfam GB, Save the Children, and World Vision International.

Also available: Building Trust in Diverse Teams: A concise facilitation handbook