Alternative Business Models for Start-ups and SMEs in Tunisia with High Potential to Create Jobs for Youth and Women

Publication date

26 Mar 2020

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Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play a vital role in local-level economic development. Access to finance is essential for SMEs to grow and innovate. In Tunisia, SMEs face a lack of support on financing. To address this issue, Oxfam in Tunisia works with the organization Impact Partner, which has supported a group of women pottery producers with technical and financial assistance. The programme has helped the artisans, who are from an under-privileged village, to increase their income. The aim of this model of assistance is to empower youth to become entrepreneurs from an early age, reduce barriers for women and lessen inequalities. The technical support provided is geared towards training youth for jobs that are both in demand and sustainable. This case study examines the challenges and lessons learned, and looks at how the model can be improved.