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Active Citizenship of Women and Youth in Nicaragua

Active Citizenship of Women and Youth in Nicaragua
14 pages

Ruiz, Damaris
Egio Artal, Carolina

Publication date
30 Nov 2015

Oxfam America

Oxfam Intersectionality Series

Case study

This paper reviews the construction of intersectional strategies for active citizenship that have contributed to the Active Citizenship Program for Women and Youth (2011–2016) led by Oxfam in Nicaragua.

The document seeks to highlight the intersecting forms of violence and subordination that women and youth identities in Nicaragua face in different ways, and underscore how youth networks and feminist movements have been able to link parallel efforts to fight against discrimination and defend their rights. Through the experience with youth networks in Chinandega and the Feminist Movement of Nicaragua (Corriente Feminista de Nicaragua), the text explores intersectionality as a way of understanding the continuum and linkages between identities, and shines a light on the opportunities to build common resistance against superimposed axes of oppression and discrimination.