Accountability Review in Malawi: Building the resilience and enhancing the adaptive capacity of women and men to climate change and climate variability

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21 Nov 2014

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This accountability review is presented as part of the Effectiveness Review Series 2013/14. The report documents the findings from a review carried out in March 2014, which examines the degree to which Oxfam meets its own standards for accountability.

The project aims to enhance the adaptive capacity of 8,000 households of poor women and men from Balaka and Blantyre Districts in a variety of ways. The project was implemented by Blantyre Synod Health and Development Commission (BSHDC) in Blantyre and Balaka Rural Districts.
This assignment examined accountability to partners and communities in terms of transparency, feedback/listening, and participation - three key dimensions of accountability for Oxfam. In addition, it asked questions around partnership practices, staff attitudes, and satisfaction (e.g. how useful the project is to people and how wisely the money on this project has been spent) where appropriate.

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