Accountability and Feedback Mechanisms in Partnerships

Publication date

31 May 2016

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One of the key challenges of working well in partnerships is ensuring a good level of engagement from all sides, so that everyone feels equally responsible and accountable for the delivery of the project, and ultimately for helping to improve the lives of marginalized and vulnerable people. So, how do we achieve this? This paper examines a specific case of a network that went wrong, and how it was rebuilt more successfully thanks to accountability and feedback mechanisms.

Partnering for Impact series

To do the work it does, Oxfam works closely with partners at all stages of the programme, in all kind of contexts: humanitarian, influencing, development, etc. But what does it mean for our staff? Each day brings new challenges and opportunities, so how do they do it? Following a reflective and productive writeshop, this Partnering for Impact series was developed to share and explore learning from experienced practitioners about what it takes to ‘work well in partnership’.