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Absorb, Adapt, Transform: Resilience capacities

Absorb, Adapt, Transform: Resilience capacities
8 pages

Jeans, Helen
Castillo, Gina E
Thomas, Sebastian

Publication date
25 Jan 2017


Guidelines and toolkits

Change is happening all around us, and some change is rapidly transforming environmental, agricultural and political systems causing suffering, turbulence and uncertainty. Resilience is about enhancing people’s capacity to proactively and positively manage this change in ways that contribute to a just world without poverty.

This short guide is written for Oxfam staff and partners to help them to enhance resilient development through programmes and campaigns. It explains three types of essential resilience capacity: absorptive, adaptive and transformative. Strengthening these three capacities can help achieve the realization of rights and wellbeing in spite of shocks, stresses and uncertainty.