A Menu to End Hunger in the UK

Publication date

20 Dec 2017


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Research from the United Nations has found that between 2014 and 2016, 4.2% of the UK population – almost three million people – were ‘severely food insecure’.  This is defined as people skipping meals, reducing the amount they eat or even going without food at all. Statistics can sometimes detract from the human story, so this report features the words of those who experience food poverty to highlight what being too poor to eat in the UK is really like.

The amazing work being done by charities, community groups and individuals – as well as by businesses and local authorities – will not end hunger in the UK. The members of the End Hunger UK campaign coalition are united in the belief that to really tackle the root causes of household food insecurity we need a concerted effort by the UK and devolved governments. Only action at this level will ensure that everyone has enough money in their pocket to feed themselves and their families with good quality, healthy food.