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A Companion Guide to Resilience

A Companion Guide to Resilience
42 pages

Jennings, Steve
Ian Manlutac, Janice

Publication date
04 Feb 2016


Oxfam International

Guidelines and toolkits

Asia is experiencing unprecedented change. Some of these changes are bringing undeniable benefits, such as the millions of Asians being lifted out of poverty by economic growth, and the soaring accessibility of information technology. Other changes are increasing the vulnerability of many portions of the population: climate change, the rapid increase in the number of disasters, political instability, and escalating inequality. Resilience building is increasingly seen as a counter to these drivers of vulnerability.

This guide aims to provide practical guidance to staff working on resilience throughout the region. It is intended to be used first and foremost by Oxfam and partner staff who are directly involved in project design and implementation. The guide complements Oxfam’s Strategy for Resilience in Asia for 2015–2020.