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Responding to Ebola

The Ebola outbreak in West Africa in 2014 was unprecedented. Over 28,000 people were infected with the disease and millions of lives have been impacted.

Oxfam reached 1.3 million people in West Africa working with communities to help prevent infection, supporting clinics, schools and people in quarantine with water and sanitation, and helping communities to prepare for potential outbreaks.

Oxfam International's Executive Director Winnie Byanyima said: "Communities pulling together has been vital to cutting Ebola infection rates. After a slow start, Oxfam recognised that and targeted its approach accordingly. But in order to be effective these networks need to work within a strong national healthcare service that is freely available to all people... Donors should also insist that community engagement is put at the heart of recovery plans. Community networks are also vital in helping to hold governments to account that the money is being well-spent."

Oxfam's Ebola briefings

Oxfam is using its experience on the ground to develop briefings and evaluations related to the Ebola response and recovery process. Below are links to these publications and related blog posts. 

For more policy analysis we recommend the Humanitarian Practice Network and Global Health Check.