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Resources from Oxfam India

A farmer works in a field in Uttar Pradesh. Photograph: Nagender Chhikara/OxfamOxfam India's vision is to help create an equal, just and sustainable society by empowering the underprivileged. Oxfam India believes in the 'Right to Life with Dignity for All'. 

Oxfam India's entire knowledge repository, including working papers, policy briefs and the most recent Oxfam in Action notes, is now available to download via Oxfam Policy & Practice. 

These valuable knowledge resources document Oxfam India's work in its four focus areas: essential services, economic justice, gender justice and humanitarian and disaster risk reduction. It also includes Oxfam India's work around some of our key areas of strategic engagement - India's growing influence in the multipolar world (such as BRICS), and our work with youth and urban poor.

For more information, visit the Oxfam India website. 

Oxfam India

Oxfam India works to address root causes of poverty and inequality. We see poverty as a problem where people are deprived of opportunities, choices, resources, knowledge and protection. Poverty is something more than mere lack of income, health and education. It is also people's frustration on being excluded from decision-making. While the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the guiding framework under which Oxfam India functions, we also derive our mandate from the Constitutional Rights promised to every citizen of the country.