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Mobilising Progressive Domestic Resources for Quality Public Services

Inequality in Vietnam

At a glance

Addressing inequality through raising voices and the promotion of progressive taxation and spending for public services.


The Mobilising Progressive Domestic Resources for Quality Public Services project (or the DRM project) was implemented in Kenya and Vietnam from 2014 to 2018 as part of Oxfam's long-term strategy to raise voices and promote progressive taxation and spending for essential services through the Fiscal Accountability for Inequality Reduction - Even It Up (FAIR-EIU) programme.

The DRM project focused on addressing inequality and poverty by influencing fiscal systems in Kenya and Vietnam to be more inclusive and progressive.


We built and supported civil society led campaigns and advocacy in Kenya and Vietnam, and helped to raise citizens' awareness and voice to hold decision makers to account on revenue raising and spending on social services.

In Kenya the project took a very strong sub-national approach, and focused on two main areas of work. Firstly, the project tried to leverage the new constitutional devolution and public participation frameworks to empower women and youth in Nairobi and hard-to-reach parts of Wajir and Turkana counties to influence progressive policy changes concerning government revenue raising, budgeting and spending. Secondly, the project aimed to influence national-level fiscal policies to broaden the tax base in a more equitable and redistributive way.

In Vietnam, analysis of the political context and system led to the decision to focus on tax reform at the national level and budget transparency at a local level, and to concentrate efforts on the health sector. Significant efforts were invested in strengthening CSOs' role in promoting tax and budget literacy among the public (including the poor, women, ethnic minorities and migrant communities) and enhancing their voice on tax policies, budget transparency and accountability in local health services.

The DRM project sought to include marginalised communities whose voices often go unheard: women and young people; people living in slums or hard-to-reach rural communities (Kenya); and ethnic minority groups and migrant workers (Vietnam).

In both countries, Oxfam implemented the project jointly with a diverse range of partners and coalitions, both formal and informal, with expertise across a wide range of thematic areas and approaches. Partners include research and policy think tanks, national CSOs, and coalitions and local community-based organisations.

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