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Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP)

A participant withdraws her monthly transfer. (Credit: Vincent Trousseau / CaLP)

At a glance

The Cash Learning Partnership is a dynamic and collaborative global network of humanitarian stakeholders actively engaged in cash transfer programming.


In many disasters, although physical markets may be destroyed, market system continue to function. In such circumstances, cash based assistance can be found as an effective tool to:

  • Delivery timely and cost effective assistance to disaster affected populations
  • Deliver aid in a way that empowers vulnerable people, supports local markets and helps to stimulate the economy
  • Effectively support disaster- prone communities and thus reduce the impact of future crises

During the last ten years, the international humanitarian system has recognised the immense potential of cash transfer programming (CTP). Evidence to date has demonstrated that, in the right circumstances, giving cash is a more efficient and effective way to provide aid than traditional in-kind assistance. CTP stimulates local economies to assist recovery and strengthens the dignity of people in crisis. When cash is used well, it enables limited aid budgets to achieve greater humanitarian results.

Vision and aims

CaLP believes that when appropriately incorporated into humanitarian response planning that includes access to goods and services, CTP presents opportunities for effective and efficient programming to meet the needs of people and communities affected by crises. With the number, scale and complexity of humanitarian crises increasing, CaLP acts as a catalyst for positive transformation within the sector.

CaLP's vision is that humanitarian assistance creates the greatest value, choice and dignity for people in crisis and its mission is to radically increase the scale and quality of cash transfer programming as a tool for humanitarian assistance.

Our approach

CaLP will work during the period 2017 -20 to contribute to the achievement of its overall mission which will be done by implementing activities across its four strategic objectives:

  1. Provide specialist capacity building services and advice
  2. Make the evidence base easily accessible, improve it and apply it through standards and tools.
  3. Provide support to coordinating bodies.
  4. Ensure influential policy processes advance CTP and the global framework for action

For further details, see the Cash Learning Partnership website.

Cash transfer programming

Since 2010, CaLP has been using cash transfers to help ensure that the humanitarian community has the skills and knowledge needed for effective programming to deliver aid quickly and at-scale to those who need it the most.

Cash Atlas

The Cash Atlas is an interactive mapping tool that aims to visually represent the use of cash transfer programmes during emergencies across the globe. Visit the Cash Atlas webpage to find out more:

CaLP logo