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Arms Trade Treaty resources

FARDC troops (Congolese army), based in Dungu, Province Orientale, DR Congo. Credit: Simon Rawles/Oxfam



Armed violence kills up to 2,000 people every day. The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) is a potential ground-breaking humanitarian treaty that would regulate the international trade in conventional weapons.

After years of campaigning to make this goal a reality, negotiations to agree an ATT took place at a United Nations (UN) conference in New York in July 2012. 170 countries took part, but the treaty needed to be adopted by consensus, meaning that just one country could effectively veto a deal. In the end, despite most states favouring a strong treaty, negotiations sadly ended on 28 July 2012 with no agreement.

However, the draft treaty remains and the UN General Assembly has decided to convene a final conference on the ATT in March 2013 to conclude the work begun in July 2012. 

Oxfam, as part of the Control Arms coalition, is calling on member states to demand a strong treaty. 

Counting down to an Arms Trade Treaty that saves lives

In preparation for the UN negotiations in July 2012, Oxfam produced a series of briefing papers on a number of the key elements of the proposed Treaty.

Stop a bullet cover1. The Devil is in the Detail - why the language of the Treaty should be robust and comprehensive.

2. Stop a Bullet, Stop a War - the need for the sale of ammunition to be included in the Treaty.

3. Piecing It All Together - why weapons parts and components should also be regulated by the Treaty.

4. Armed Robbery - how the poorly regulated arms trade directly impacts on poverty.

Oxfam's Arms Trade Treaty eBook

iBookstore logoYou can download the eBook for free from this website. It's also available at Amazon's Kindle store and Apple's iBookstore.



 Other Arms Trade Treaty publications

Oxfam has been campaigning for an Arms Trade Treaty since 2003. Here are some of our backlist publications that explain the need for this legislation.

Take action

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Visit the Control Arms website for more campaign actions.