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The Good Fight

The Good Fight: Ending violence against women and girls

The Good Fight series is a collection of videos showcasing a number of positive strategies to end Violence Against Women and Girls (eVAWG) in the Middle East, Africa and Asia. This series was created as part of the Oxfam Knowledge Fund lead by the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Regional Gender Justice Programme at Oxfam to promote a culture of learning within Oxfam and document best practices to inform future programming on eVAWG.

Empowered Voices

Addressing violence against women and girls through creating safe spaces.

Colours of the Community

Learn how MOSAIC is providing a safe space for the LGBTIQ community in Lebanon.

Building a Safer Community

Watch how violence against women and girls is being tackled in India.

Power of community

See how communities are tackling violence against women and girls in Nigeria.

Shefighter in Jordan

The first women only self-defence studio in the Middle East opened in Jordan.

Good fight initiatives

How entrepreneurs and organisations are combating Violence against women and girls.