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Franziska Mager

Franziska Mager

Areas of work

Research Lead, Inequality & Measurement, Oxfam Great Britain

Office Location: Berlin, Germany

Franziska is Research Lead focusing on new tools and approaches that help Oxfam better understand and communicate important facets of inequality, including, but not limited to, economic inequality. She also supports campaign and programme teams with the implementation of a variety of research methods: randomised controlled trials, quasi-experimental designs and narrative methods like SenseMaker.

Her background is in Political Science and Social Policy, with an emphasis on research methods to inform decision-making. Through her work with Christopher Hoy, she has a particular interest in researching people's perceptions of the severity of inequality and the elasticity of their attitudes to redistribution.

Before joining Oxfam, Franziska worked as Policy Officer at the Oxford Poverty and Human Development Initiative. She worked with a range of countries and international organizations in establishing multidimensional poverty measures. Franziska holds two MSc degrees from the University of Oxford and a Bachelor degree from the Free University of Berlin.