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Lucia Rost

Researcher for Women’s Economic Empowerment and Care (WE-Care)

Office Location: Oxford, UK

Lucia is a research consultant for the WE-Care initiative at Oxfam GB. She conducted field research in Uganda during the baseline Household Care Survey and she is part of the central research team that runs the statistical analysis of the follow up Household Care Survey in 5 countries.

Her Ph.D research at the University of Oxford, Department of International Development, is closely linked to the WE-Care initiative. She is interested in intra-household decision making on care work with a particular focus on inter-generational bargaining and social norms. For her master's, she helped collect the WE-Care data and conducted additional interviews in Uganda as part of the baseline survey mentioned above. Previously, Lucia undertook consultancies and internships with different organisations working on strengthening women's and children's rights, such as UNICEF and the German development bank KfW. Lucia worked on women's empowerment projects in India and continues to work with a South Indian NGO.