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Drs Boris Pieter Alberda

Drs Boris Pieter Alberda

Manager Innovation


Office Location: The Hague

After a career at innovative companies like IBM and innovation agencies like !WhatIf? Boris started and owned an innovation agency for 10 years. He and his team worked for 8 years for multinationals like Philips, Unilever, Sanoma and many more.

Boris stared moonlighting as a consultant with Unicef 6 years ago to strengthen participation in programs in DRC and Surinam. After this, he switched gears and focussed on social innovation as board member of the Social Business Incubator and Manager of Business Development at Cordaid. Since May 2016, Boris has been working with Oxfam Novib. He leads a team that drives incremental and disruptive innovation.

Boris is member of the jury for fair food and fair trade of the Innovation awards for social enterprises of both Accenture(AIA) and the ASN bank (VDDWVM).