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Margherita Maffii

Regional Gender Change Manager, West Africa


Office Location: Dakar, Senegal

Margherita joined Oxfam in 2011 as a regional gender change manager, one of West Africa's gender advisers leading on gender equality in the region.

Prior to joining Oxfam, Margherita spent more than 15 years in Southeast Asia, working as a consultant and researcher with a variety of NGOs and other international organisations, including the UN Development Programme (UNDP) and the International Labour Organization (ILO). She also worked with Oxfam Hong Kong as part of the Make Trade Fair campaign. For the two years prior to joining Oxfam, Margherita worked for the Heinrich Boell Foundation.

She has previously been involved in analysing the impact of trade liberalisation on women and gender relations, and working with grassroots women's leadership in communities facing these challenges, including in rural areas, amongst forest peoples, and urban workers.

Margherita's background is in both agricultural studies and women's rights activism. She is a trained veterinarian, holds a masters degree in Animal Genetics, and has previously worked as a researcher in this field. She has also been a women's rights activist since her youth in Italy. She is committed to making academic and research outputs available to women engaged in change, as a means for supporting and strengthening women's agency.