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Madiha Shafi

Madiha Shafi

Programme Officer, Girls Education


Office Location: Islamabad, Pakistan

Madiha has worked for Oxfam since 2009, and is currently working as a Programme Officer in the Girls' Education department. Her previous and current areas of work include project cycle management, with a core focus on monitoring and evaluation. She recently published a research and learning paper on WASH and enhancing girls' participation in education, which was present at the UKFIET Conference in September 2011 at the Unviersity of Oxford.

Prior to working for Oxfam, Madiha worked with leading international NGOs such as Red Cross and World Vision , and was granted the Nuffic Fellowship in 2008. She holds a masters degree in Economics from the University of Agriculture.

Madiha has also written several blogs which have been published on Oxfam's South Asia Blog , including a post which was written during 2010 Pakistan floods, and subsequently published on the RTE News website.