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Le Gia Thang

Programme Co-ordinator, Education Governance

Office Location: Hanoi, Viet Nam

Thang has a background in education leadership and management with a focus on managing change, HR and team development, training of trainers, marketing in education, education project development and management. He is currently working for Oxfam in Vietnam under the Strategic Change Goal 5 - Governance and Accountability focusing on the education sector.

Prior this he spent more than ten years working within the state system as maths teacher, school head, education researcher. He also has ten years' experience as senior manager for multilateral (UN Development Programme) and bilateral development programme (AusAID) in education. He is a freelance trainer and adviser on soft skills development for private sector.

Thang is an alumni of Salzburg Global Seminar (Austria and USA), Australian Development Scholarships (for RMIT University, Melbourne).