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Jose García Barahona

Country Director, The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)


Office Location: Kinshasa, The DRC

Jose joined Oxfam in 2007 and is currently the Country Director SMS for The DRC. Prior to that he was the Country Director for South Sudan and the Associate Country Director in South Africa. He has worked on advocacy and campaigns in Mozambique, and with the campaigns teams at Intermón Oxfam in Madrid, Spain, and Oxfam GB in Oxford, UK. He focused on supporting countries to increase their work influencing political decisions.

Prior to this, Jose worked with ActionAid in Mozambique for eight years, and for short periods of time in El Salvador, The Gambia and Chad.

Jose studied sociology, and holds a masters degree in Development from the University of Madrid. He is currently studying an Honours BA in African Politics with the University of South Africa.