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Celeste Molina

Celeste Molina

Regional Sustainable Food Systems Coordinator

Office Location: Mexico City

Celeste is currently the Regional Sustainable Food Systems Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean, based in Mexico City. She was previously the coordinator of Regional Market Access Research Project involving Guatemala, Honduras and Colombia. 

Prior to joining Oxfam, Celeste was a Programme Officer for the Italian Cooperation in Central America and the Caribbean and a consultant for UNDP. During that time she designed, monitored and implemented numerous bilateral and multilateral development projects dealing with rural development, food security and economic empowerment of women. She was also the co-writer of the Guatemala Country Report for The Economist Intelligence Unit (1999-2000).  
Celeste holds an MA in Rural Livelihoods and Global Change from the International Institute of Social Studies in The Hague. Her dissertation entitled 'Trading Coffee Through the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange' examines the asymmetrical power relations faced by smallholders in the global coffee value chain and the main socioeconomic implications of coffee trading through a national commodity exchange as a policy instrument to promote the agricultural sector.