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Babrak Osman

Governance and Accountability Coordinator

Osman joined Oxfam GB in 2011 as community peace building manager and is currently the governance and accountability coordinator for Oxfam GB in Afghanistan. He is responsible for managing the Within and Without the State Project, 'Uniting Civil Society for Peace'. His work focuses on strengthening and repositioning the Afghanistan Civil Society Organisations Network for Peace (ACSONP) and influencing government and power holders to listen to the people's voice and act on their needs and rights.

He is responsible for developing and implementing Oxfam GB's governance and advocacy strategies, including research in the area of governance, and developing and strengthening internal and external partnerships. He also contributes to building and leveraging strong relationships between civil society, the grassroots, and government, to build strong civic engagement.

Osman graduated from Kabul University with a degree in Psychology.