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Ana Caistor Arendar

Head of Inequality Campaigns and Policy


Office Location: Oxford/ London

Ana is a policy adviser within the new inequality campaign, which aims to tackle the growing gap between the rich and the rest. She previously worked as Oxfam's Campaigns, Policy and Communications Manager for Latin America and the Caribbean based in Mexico and Bolivia, and as Oxfam's Campaigns and Policy Manager in Haiti, where she worked on the humanitarian responses following the 2010 earthquake and the cholera outbreak later that year. 

Ana has written and published reports for Oxfam on inequality and humanitarian response including "Even it up: Time to End Extreme Inequality".

Prior to joining Oxfam, Ana worked as a journalist for a number of years, with a particular focus on covering social justice issues. She is co-founder of Future First, an organisation that builds alumni networks in state schools to inspire and support young school leavers as they transition into work.

Ana has contributed to a number of Oxfam's publications including: Working for the Few: Political capture and economic inequality; "Salt in the Wound: The urgent need to prevent forced evictions from camps in Haiti"; From Relief to Recovery: Supporting good governance in post-earthquake Haiti; and "Haiti: The Slow road the reconstruction".