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Our people

Oxfam has a wide range of policy, programme and research staff, whose shared expertise ranges from public health engineering to lobbying international institutions for change.

In keeping with our aim to communicate our policy, research and programme learning with the humanitarian and development community, this section showcases a small number of our programme, policy, advocacy and research staff members.


Oxfam's advocacy advisers work to change public policies and practices in ways that will have a positive impact on poor people's lives.

Advocacy can take place at a variety of levels from local communities through to international institutions, and include a variety of methods including lobbying, media work, popular campaigning, and changing public attitudes.

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Oxfam's humanitarian work aims to have the maximum impact on the health of populations affected by crises through the integration of Oxfam's various sectoral activities.

Oxfam's humanitarian personnel are responsible for a wide range of activities, including advising Oxfam's international regions on humanitarian response, building regional capacity to respond to emergencies, leading programme development work on key areas such as WASH, public health, food security, HIV and AIDS, protection, gender, and preparedness. They also deliver advocacy on humanitarian issues in developed countries and provide security management advice.

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Programme Implementation

Oxfam's country and regional staff work with the programme policy advisers to implement our programmes in more than sixty countries.  

Programme staff work with local partners to develop, implement and evaluate a variety of initiatives, offering a range of support through training and capacity-building, networking with other similar organisations, and financial support.

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Programme Policy

Oxfam's collective wealth of expertise and knowledge includes development professionals, who provide global advisory support to Oxfam's large number of projects and programmes across more than sixty countries.

Programme policy advisers assist in improving the coherence, quality, and impact of Oxfam's programmes and ensure that we learn from good and innovative work through facilitating programme-focused learning processes and resources. 

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Research enables Oxfam to look ahead and plan strategically for a fast-changing context. It sharpens and underpins the credibility of Oxfam's campaigns and helps us design, monitor and assess the impact of our country-level programmes.

Oxfam's global researchers lead on researching and writing policy papers and campaign reports, keep abreast of new ideas that may feed into future policies or advocacy work or shape our programme thinking, and build Oxfam's research capacity and quality.

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