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Our methods, approaches and partnerships

Oxfam takes a rights-based approach to its development, humanitarian and campaign work. We believe that all people are entitled to decent work and income security and to essential services such as health and education, and that everyone should have gender equality, security from conflict and disasters, and be able to participate in social and political life. This section outlines some of the methods, approaches and partnerships we undertake to achieve these aims.

  • Accountability and transparency

    Afzal Ali (18), Climate Group Youth Welfare Association leader, with one of the members of his group. (Credit: Khaula Jamil/Oxfam Novib)

    Ensuring transparency and accountability in our work and to our stakeholders, including those in poverty, our partners, staff, supporters and funders.

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  • ICT in Programme

    ICT in programme

    Exploring how applications of ICTs can enable Oxfam to enhance the quality, accessibility and efficiency of our programming.

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  • Partnerships

    Only through strong partnerships and collective action can we make a sustained and significant impact on poverty and injustice.

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  • Private sector Private Sector title icon

    Maize drying in Ethiopia.

    Business has great potential for alleviating poverty. We want to maximise the contribution that business can make towards poverty reduction.

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  • Programme quality

    Fishing in Madhya Pradesh, India

    We are committed to effectively capturing (and communicating) what does and doesn't work in our efforts to overcome poverty and suffering.

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  • Research

    Drying books in the sun in Vanuatu (Credit: Vlad Sokhin/Panos/OxfamAUS)

    Research enables Oxfam to plan strategically, campaign with credibility, and design and learn lessons from our programme work.

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  • Strategic funding partnerships

    Strategic funding partnerships

    Through strategic and flexible funding we can be more effective, efficient and innovative, develop strategically and better apply our learning.

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  • Toolkits & Guidelines

    Lydia, female farmer part of Gbarlin co-operative, Liberia

    A range of tools and guidelines offering practical practical advice and resources for development and humanitarian professionals. 

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