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Tag: within and without the state

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A protection session, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

How programme learning in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) led to piloting a new approach to governance and protection

Annabel Morrissey reflects on what Oxfam has learnt about the cross over between governance and protection and how this learning is being used. ...

Photo: Protection committee, DRC, December 2014. Credit: Eleanor Farmer/Oxfam

Building bridges between communities and local government in the DRC

LEARNING: Annabel Morrissey recently returned from a visit to Equateur in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where she visited Oxfam's Within and Without the State programme which...

A meeting between MPS and villagers in Wulu, Lakes State, South Sudan, facilitated through Oxfam's Within and without the State programme, which is funded by DFID, 2012

Local governance in South Sudan and Afghanistan

Annabel Morrisey is Programme Coordinator for the Within and Without the State programme which aims to improve the quality and effectiveness of civil society programming in fragile and conflict-affected...

MP/public dialogue, Wulu, Lakes State. Credit: Crispin Hughes/Oxfam

Six lessons on how to support change in South Sudan

What does active citizenship look like in a conflict affected state like South Sudan? Richard Chilvers, WWS Learning and Communications Officer, draws on the experience of Oxfam's partners to...

 MP/public dialogue arranged by a WWS partner in South Sudan February 2013. Credit: Crispin Hughes/Oxfam

Promoting active citizenship in fragile states - four lessons

Is long term programming possible in fragile states? For the last three years we've been working with civil society in South Sudan, Yemen, Afghanistan and the Occupied Palestinian Territory and...

A woman in South Sudan addresses a crowd gathered to meet their local MP. Credit: Oxfam

Gender inequality as a driver of conflict

Can Oxfam tackle gender inequality in conflict-affected countries? Here, Louie Fooks explains why working on gender inequality is not only possible, but a necessary part of governance and peace...

Building a social contract in South Sudan

Long term governance programming in fragile contexts is painstaking but rewarding work. Rama Anthony shares experiences from South Sudan and explains why development efforts should focus on...

Wulu, South Sudan Within without state public dialogue

Governance and Fragility: lessons learnt

This week the Within and Without the State (WWS) programme is sharing its experience from South Sudan at a UNDP expert practitioners meeting in New York. Here, Louie Fooks, Global Learning and...

Delegates at the National Youth Peace Debate. Credit: Joel van Hoedt/Oxfam

“It is good for young people to know what peace is.” Afghanistan's Youth Peace Debate

Although almost 50 percent of the Afghan population is under 15, it is rare for young people to be involved in the country's peace process or to have their voices heard. This changed last month...

With CSO partner in Rumbeck, South Sudan

Finding CSO partners when civil society has been weakened by war

After a difficult start, Oxfam's fragile states project Within and Without the State has been making significant and exciting progress in South Sudan over the last few months. The team are...