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Tag: water week

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Credit: Oxfam

Podcast: How can market based responses help NGOs work in emergencies?

LEARNING: Oxfam's Katie Whitehouse travelled to Stockholm this week  to speak  at World Water Week about the benefits of working with markets in emergencies. We caught up with...

Rajamma by an Oxfam water tank in Kollam, India. Credit: Rajendra Shaw/Oxfam

World Water Day: how we're tackling the lack of sanitation faced by 2.6 billion people

Nearly 800 million people lack access to water and 2.6 billion to sanitation. Addressing the disparity in water and sanitation coverage is crucial to Oxfam's work, whether in humanitarian...

Installing the 'Protector' at Longtech, Kenya. Credit: Brian McSorley/Oxfam

Making lake water safe to drink – an innovative approach to tackling fluorosis

Oxfam is working with US engineers to develop a pioneering desalination solution in order to prive safe drinking water in rural Kenya. Brian McSorley reports on the pilot, in the last of his blog...

Solar-powered water pump in Turkana. Credit: Brian McSorley/Oxfam

Solar power – can it out-perform diesel when pumping water?

Brian McSorley on an Oxfam solar water pumping programme in arid northern Kenya that is testing - and sometimes overturning - assumptions about solar power, and finding that for many communities,...

Evans Garcon washes in a community water tap, set up with support from Oxfam, in Cap Haitien. Credit: Abbie Trayler-Smith/Oxfam

Water: time for solutions that focus on sanitation and not just access

Leslie Morris-Iveson reports on the World Water Forum, which took place in Marseille last week, and the news that the MDG on access to water has been reached early. But is it time to celebrate? ...

Jitegemee pilot

Jitegemee – using innovation to tackle the urban sanitation challenge

In the run up to World Water Day, Brian McSorley reports on an innovative approach to sanitation in informal urban environments.   ...

Pump at Akatarangok

In search of the perfect handpump

Broken handpumps are a regular sighting in rural Africa. However, as Brian McSorley reports, a new type of pump being piloted in Turkana is hoping to change this.   ...