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Have we tipped the balance?

To celebrate World Food Day, we are releasing Tipping the Balance - 2012's report on agricultural investment and market governance - as an eBook. Maria Michalopoulou ponders how the debate...

Small is beautiful on World Food Day

With 'Sustainable Food Systems' the theme of this year's World Food Day, Erinch Sahan reminds both governments and private sector investors of their duty to actively support small-scale...

A Guatemalan woman sorts corn at her home in the village of Willywood. Credit: Noah Friedman-Rudovsky

Closing the policy gap for small-scale farmers in Guatemala

In the second of a series of posts exploring the impact of government policy on small-scale agriculture, Celeste Molina asks what is needed for Guatemala's small farmers to fulfil their...

Nigerian smallholder farmer

So, why aren’t policy levers helping small farmers in Nigeria?

In 2012 Oxfam and IIED joined forces to create Tipping the Balance a global report exploring the connection between the policy and practice of investment and market governance in small...