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Market stall (Credit: Tessa Bunney)

As food prices stabilise, is there a rising dependence on processed and unsafe foods?

The Life in a Time of Food Price Volatility research project has worked with 23 communities for three or more years examining how they are coping with changes in food prices and the impact on their...

Salome Ntui outside her home and shop in Mukuru, Kenya. Credit: Andy Hall/Oxfam

Who answers to the hungry? Claiming the right to food in Kenya

In Kenya poor households are struggling to afford food and government schemes are not doing enough to prevent people going hungry. Carolyne Gatimu introduces a study of food rights in Kenya as part...

 Maurine Minykha, 25, a single mother of two, buys food on credit from a local store in the Lunga Lunga area of the Mukuru informal settlement on April 2nd 2014. Credit: Sam Tarling/Oxfam

Help yourself - going it alone to achieve food security

If you and your family were going hungry, would you expect your government to do something about it? Policy research adviser Richard King discusses the second year results of our food price volatility...

Carmen and her family in their home in Sobrenia, Bolivia. Credit: Peter Tecks/Oxfam

What it feels like when food prices leap

As well-fed world leaders discuss hunger as part of the G8 summit, the voices of those going without is often missed. Cat Meredith looks at Oxfam's recent  Squeezed report to hear personal...

Mamtaz cooks Chapatis with her daughter. Credit: Timothy Allen/Oxfam

Strikes and fuel shortages – life of a daily wage earner in Karachi

What is the impact of rapidly changing food prices on the world's most vulnerable communities? Our recent joint research report with IDS, sought to answer this question. Here, researcher Mysbah...

Florence Kitonyo owns Amani Café in Lango Baya and is struggling with high food prices. Credit: Eleanor Farmer/Oxfam

Squeezed: living with volatile food prices

Food prices have been rising globally for over five years. As we launch Squeezed, our new research report on food price volatility, Richard King explains how food price pressure is affecting people's...

Shopkeeper Ala'a Abdhullah Farag Wans demonstrates rising food prices in Yemen. Credit: Caroline Gluck/Oxfam

What’s up (or down) with global hunger?

As organisations around the globe celebrate World Food Day, Richard King, our Policy Researcher on all things 'food security' reflects on the latest estimates of global hunger in the new...

Focus group particpant Siti with her children.

Prices that bounce – the impact of food price rises on Indonesian rubber tappers

Oxfam and IDS are starting work on Life in a Time of Food Price Volatility, a four-year project to track the human impact of food price rises in 10 countries. In the second of her posts on food price...

Jamila explaining that last year’s large minimum wage rise in the garments sector wasn’t enough to cope with inflation.

Why inflation is so unpopular – the experience of those living on precarious wages in Dhaka

As Oxfam and IDS start work on Life in a Time of Food Price Volatility, a four-year project to track the human impact of food price rises in 10 countries,  Naomi Hossain of IDS explains that...